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    True Audio codec (TTA)

    The True Audio (TTA) codec is a free, simple, realtime lossless audio compressor. The term «lossless» refers to the fact that such compression results in literally no data or quality loss. Based on adaptive prognostic filters, TTA has compared favorably to a majority of its popular open-source peers. The codec was built to offer adequate compression levels while maintaining high operation speeds.


    True Audio checker (AuCDtect)

    AuCDtect (CD authenticity detector) is a console application has been developed to help determine the authenticity of musical records, distributed in digital lossless audio formats. By evaluating the character of audio data a CD contains, AuCDtect can distinguish between original studio-based recordings and those that have been «reconstructed» using a lossy audio source, such as MP3.


    SMC-Milter, anti-spam e-mail filter

    SMC-Milter (SMC Mail filter) is a plug-in for mail transfer agent, designed to significantly reduce the amount of junk mail, you receive. SMC-Milter uses a «Greylisting» like technique to stops the junk-mail and a set of dynamic auto «Whitelists» for unknown, but legitimate senders. In order to viruses protection SMC-Milter uses popular open source antivirus engine Clam AntiVirus as a back end.


By admin,

The TTA plug-in for foobar2000 was updated to version 3.3.

Please visit project page and download plug-in: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tta/

This plug-in allows you to play TTA or (MKA+TTA) files using foobar2000 audio player version 1.3.9.
For more information about Foobar2000, please refer to the Official SIte.

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By admin,

SMC-Milter (SMC Mail filter) version 2.2 has been released.


  • Small bug fix in ClamAV support code;
  • Added Gentoo startup script (file smc-milter.init-gentoo). Minor changes  to config defaults.

For more information and downloads, please visit the SMC-Milter project page:


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By admin,

TTA1 development libraries has been updated.

TTA C++ library version 2.3 and TTA ANSI-C library version 2.3 are now available with new TTA codec command line application.

For further details and downloads visit:


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