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  1. ald added a post in a topic: TAU 1.2 Inquiry   

    Yes, it's possible. Please wait future releases. This project was frozen for a long time, many new features will be implemented.
    ​It's not my opinion, It's conclusion of our algorithm )
    Kind regards
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  2. ald added a post in a topic: TTA plug-in v3.3 for foobar2000   

    Hi, Term!
    Plugins is here:
    From Project page:
    Files -> tta -> ttaplugin-foobar ->
    Best Wishes!
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  3. ald added a post in a topic: TAU 1.2 Inquiry   

    Hi, Mike!
    Sorry, but I afraid that I don't understand your question..
    This program doesn't produce any log reports.
    If you need to save spectrum image you can do it using Windows interface:
    1) Tap or click the window you want to capture.
    2) Press Alt+PrtScn.
    A picture of the window is copied and you can paste it wherever you'd like.
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  4. ald added a post in a topic: TAU 1.2 Inquiry   

    Hi Mike,
    I'm developer of this program, maybe I can help you better :-)
    As you can read in answer above, this parameter is equivalent to -m argument of AuCDtect console application, because both of them based on AuCDtect development library. In Tau Analyzer the mode parameter is restricted by range of 1-8. It's enough in most cases. You can try to set lower value to get more accurate results.
    The test results are calculated sequentially for each track, then on the basis of these results we can make the conclusion about contents of the disc. All data, including spectrum, are calculated in the background and result is shown when process completed.
    As about your CD - yes, some of official releases can be made from MPEG sources. This disc could also be made from records, which was digital processed using MPEG-like algorithms. In a small number of cases, this may be an error of the program, as the algorithm does not make absolute conclusions, only with some probability. But it's unlikely since in all tracks of your CD were found the artifacts of MPEG-like algorithm.
    Aleksander Djuric
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