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  1. admin added a post in a topic: TTA plug-in v3.3 for foobar2000   

    The TTA plug-in for foobar2000 was updated to version 3.3.
    Please visit project page and download plug-in:
    This plug-in allows you to play TTA or (MKA+TTA) files using foobar2000 audio player version 1.3.9.
    For more information about Foobar2000, please refer to the Official SIte.
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  2. admin added a post in a topic: SMC-Milter 2.2 has been released   

    SMC-Milter (SMC Mail filter) version 2.2 has been released.
    Small bug fix in ClamAV support code;Added Gentoo startup script (file smc-milter.init-gentoo). Minor changes  to config defaults.For more information and downloads, please visit the SMC-Milter project page:
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  3. admin added a post in a topic: LibTTA v2.3 released   

    TTA1 development libraries has been updated.
    TTA C++ library version 2.3 and TTA ANSI-C library version 2.3 are now available with new TTA codec command line application.
    For further details and downloads visit:
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