Need help with MediaMonkey & TTA Codec.

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First thank you for devoloper  for create amazing TTA codec. I love this file format. It amazing sound I never heard before.

But I have some problem with my Mediamonkey music player with TTA file format.

I have two computers

1. Dell desktop pc with Windows 7
2. Dell notebook with Windows 8.1

1. Dell desktop pc with Windows 7
I have Installed MediaMonkey & Copy file "in_tta.dll" file into PlugIn folder. It work!!, I can play TTA music file. No problem found.

2. Dell notebook with Windows 8.1
I have Installed MediaMonkey & Copy file "in_tta.dll" file into PlugIn folder. I have problem!!, I can't play TTA music file. It say TTA Decoder Error (Please find my picture below)

<img src=" 10_54_15-MediaMonkey.png">

I can't play TTA music file in windows 8.1. 
Can you help me? please. T_T

1. Mediamonkey is Up to date version
2. I use Winamp plugin (In_tta.dll)

Thank you for your help (and sorry for my english language skill)

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